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Pallet of Food!

ETS staff donated food for Christmas to the Carpenter's Arms, a Loughborough based rehabilitation centre for men challenged by drug and alcohol addiction. This charitable initiative was linked to an office staff dress-down day on Friday, 21st December 2012. The ETS "Santa Claus" is pictured gathering up the food parcel gifts just prior to the pallet delivery to the Carpenter's Arms.

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ETS were recently Highly Commended for our achievements in Service Excellence at the Midlands Family Business Awards 2012, held at the Curve theatre in Leicester.

After being shortlisted from 109 companies ETS received an award in recognition of our commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

Click the link for the full list of winners:

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ETS Provides Transport Help for Bike Aid

This summer, ETS has been involved with Re-Cycle to help send a container over to Kenya with bicycles for children. In Britain, millions of bicycles are thrown away or lie unused in sheds, whilst many people in Africa have no access to transport of any kind. People spend hours each day walking to collect water and firewood or to access health care, school and employment. A bicycle lightens this burden and dramatically improves their wellbeing and their opportunities for work and education, helping to bring about social change. A bicycle cuts travelling time to a fraction and enables the carrying of passengers and heavy loads. Bicycles give families the extra time to earn, learn and enjoy life.

On the day the trailer was due to be collected, it was an early 1.00 a.m. start for the ETS driver, Andy Andrews, who by the way found it a very strange experience to drive without a trailer for approximately 105 miles. On arrival at the collection point in Amersham, the trailer was loaded and sealed (by the way there were a couple of extra cycles lying next to it, locals keen to contribute no doubt). Nick Deane from Re-cycle arrived and took some photographs of the vehicle leaving on its way to Felixstowe port in time for departure to Kenya later that week.

The attached photographs show the start of the container’s journey with some of the children who have contributed to or helped with the project.

After various encounters with port red tape at Felixstowe, the container finally made its berth that very same morning. Click here to see some photographs showing the arrival of the bikes in Kenya and being used in the community there, plus more information about Re~Cycle.

ETS Distribution’s business contracts provide proven and dependable logistics solutions, often individually structured to customers’ requirements. ETS is a customer-focussed transport operator and has many years’ experience in the transport of a wide range of palletised goods and container handling. The ETS fleet comprises mainly curtain-sided vehicles with tail lift and sliding roof facilities and container options.

The strategy at ETS is to develop dedicated and passionate teams that are trained in the ETS style to 'take a load off your mind' and provide one-stop logistics solutions. Whatever your product and service level demand, ETS will be able to advise you on cost-effective solutions.

ETS was delighted to help with this project by supplying the logistical support for Nick Deane who organised the collection of the bicycles in Amersham.

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Transport for London - Bulletins from the Olympic Road Freight Management Team

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ETS DISTRIBUTION SERVICES | Handling, Warehouse Space, Order Processing and Distribution
ETS Distribution, based in Loughborough, runs a mixed fleet of vehicles. In order to adopt best practice across the business, ETS, in partnership with MiX Telematics, has developed ETS Efficient.
    While employing familiar telematics strategies, the programme incorporates detailed analysis of fleet management data at ETS, including driver and vehicle performance analysis as well as empty and part-load minimisation.
    ETS Efficient is also incorporated in the company’s driver development programme and includes the use of the RIBAS (over Revving, inexcessive Idling, harsh Braking, harsh Acceleration and over Speeding) system, improving fuel efficiency by the driver.
    Since introducing ETS Efficient, the operator has seen a year-on-year mpg increase of 16.25%, a 30% reduction in road accidents and a 16% reduction in insurance premiums.
    The judges said it was an “impressive approach for an operator”, producing “commendable results” and they were very impressed with how the use of technology was linked into driver training.

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25th Motor Transport Awards
ETS Distribution Services nominated

ETS are on the Shortlist again and are proud to have been selected from the best in our business sector for the 25th Motor Transport Awards. This is the road transport industry event of the year and ETS are delighted to have made an award shortlist again. ETS entry is for Best use of Technology. The ETS entry focuses on ETS Efficient, a technology-based initiative created by ETS Distribution Limited pioneers in the use and approved distributor's of MiX Telematics' Fleet Manager technology. ETS have created the foundation for a wide-ranging programme of innovation designed to enhance operating efficiency, environmental performance and profitability by:
  • Maximising fuel efficiency
  • Minimising impact upon the environment
  • Reducing accidents
  • Up-skilling driver performance and enhancing job satisfaction
  • Facilitating the creation of, and contributing to, the company's driver development and Driver CPC programmes
  • Creating additional business opportunities for the company
If you are interested in receiving more information on Telematics and DCPC training please contact Andy Andrews. Email or telephone 01509 615049 and link to

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On Line Benchmarking Case Study:
ETS Distribution Services

Based in Loughborough, Leicestershire, ETS Distribution Services is a leading supplier of palletised logistics services to the Contract Logistics, Warehousing, Distribution and Marketing Support Sectors in the UK.

ETS first sampled the OLB system in August 2008, as a pioneering member of the OLB pilot system user group. Andy Andrews, ETS’s in-house driver trainer, experienced OLB for the first time whilst attending a user interactive training workshop. Andy immediately saw the huge benefits that could be had from comparing ETS’s vehicle fleet performance with that of other similar operators of similar vehicles, operating in similar sectors, and within similar geographical locations.

ETS has concentrated on regularly benchmarking 5 of their core vehicle fleet based at their Loughborough depot, consisting of a combination of Rigid and Artic type vehicles and sizes. The OLB benchmarking reports are analysed and interpreted by an in-house team, together with their fleet management data, to signpost the way towards improvement for every vehicle and driver. In addition, Andy Andrews, as their in-house driver trainer uses the OLB data to build individual driver Personal Development Plans and mentors each driver towards their targets. Further, participating in OLB contributes to ETS maintaining its company-wide environmental best practice initiative.

As well as seeing a major benefit in fuel efficiency as part of their driver development programme, ETS has also seen a 30% reduction in fleet related accidents and incidents, which combined with a 20% reduction in their fleet insurance premiums have offered further benefit to ETS in actively exploring the concept of external benchmarking via OLB as their preferred system of choice. ETS is registered as a Driver CPC training centre and it can now offer driver training courses to other companies to help them achieve similar benefits.

Philip Elliott, ETS Managing Director, offers the following synopsis, “ETS’s company-wide environmental initiative has seen a wide range of measures implemented whilst using OLB. The OLB system has helped us drive efficiency gains in every part of the business and ETS will continue using OLB in the future. It has been a pleasure to be involved with OLB and its most helpful staff.”

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ETS Distribution reduces lorry accidents by 30%
Roger Brown
Friday 04 March 2011 09:32
Loughborough-based ETS Distribution says it has recorded 30% fewer road accidents involving its trucks, since it introduced a new safe driving programme for its staff.

Paul Wreaves, operations director at the company, told the Brake Fleet Safety conference in Birmingham yesterday (3 March), that since it launched its driving safety initiative three years ago, the company's insurance premiums have also dropped by 20% and it is now using 15% less fuel.

As part of the project, ETS decided to buy a new telematics system in 2008, and at the same time, introduced a driver-trainer to manage the project.

Initial driver performance data was used to set internal benchmarks and individual drivers were set performance accuracy targets of 95%.

Drivers were also provided with one-to-one on the job driver training and follow-up review meetings to discuss training needs in areas like speeding, harsh braking and acceleration.

Wreaves says the key to the success of the project was the driver trainer acting as a 'coach and mentor' to the drivers rather than one of their managers.

"The trainer and drivers became a team focused on safer driving practices. The key was that the drivers saw the trainer as a friend who they could empathise with and trust, as opposed to someone shouting orders at them."

He says ETS - which runs 25 trucks - plans to reduce its HGV speed limit from 56mph to 54mph in an effort to continue reducing the number of incidents involving its vehicles.

"We aim to raise the driver performance accuracy figure from 95% to 97% and introduce a zero road incident target."

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Extract from Fleet World Group website

... Speakers also urged other fleet professionals to enter the Awards in 2011, putting their company’s road safety initiatives on the map and gaining industry-wide recognition of their achievements.

Paul Wreaves, operations director at ETS Distribution, who spoke at the conference, said: 'Gaining this recognition of our work was a great honour, and has helped to raise our profile in the sector. We’ve received positive media coverage following the Awards and had opportunities to share our expertise with other companies through events like the conference.' ...

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ETS DISTRIBUTION SERVICES | Handling, Warehouse Space, Order Processing and Distribution
The ETS Distribution MD explains how telematics works for the firm
Driving through improvements
ETS Distribution has seen dramatic improvements in fuel consumption since combining telematics with driver training – and it’s not stopping there.
Words: Louise Cole / Images: Stuart Wood
Back in 2007, Loughborough-based ETS Distribution undertook a review of its scheduling and vehicle utilisation.
     The idea was that each of the 25 vehicles that supports its groupage and pallet business has to conduct multiple drops every day. A recognition that having the right vehicle, in the right place, at the right time, was critical to keeping its business moving.
     The company set out to examine its options in the telematics market, and three years later, it is still astonished by the results. “We talked to
telematics companies and lots of their users,” says MD Phil Elliott. “Telematics can produce any amount of information for you in any kind of report – but we found that most operators simply weren’t using the data.”
     As the CAN-bus data relates to driver performance, Elliott decided to use that data by bringing in a full-time driver-trainer. They hired ex-Para Andy Andrews to manage the telematics project. MiX Telematics was put into every vehicle along with technology to monitor over-revving, excessive idling, harsh
acceleration, harsh braking and excess speed.
     “Over-revving doesn’t matter,” explains Andrews, “because use of the exhaust brake is really important; which, of course, needs high revs. Cruise control is the other vital element for drivers to embrace if you want fuelefficient driving.”
     Andrews puts all drivers through SAFED training twice a year and monitors performance via a league table each week. Year-on-year the company’s fuel usage has dropped by 3% despite running 7% more miles – and it now tops the Freight Best Practice Online scores for fuel economy.
     “My target to improve fuel economy was 15%,” says Andrews. The firm has improved fuel economy from 2007’s base level by 16.8% – and Andrews is not done yet.
     “We know that we will see continued improvement because we have now lowered the speed of the trucks to 54mph, which has made no difference to productivity, but is almost guaranteed to save us another 5%,” he says. The company’s 40-tonners have gone from a 9.6mpg average in 2007, to 12mpg in 2010, albeit that many cube out before they hit maximum weight.
ETS DISTRIBUTION SERVICES | Handling, Warehouse Space, Order Processing and Distribution
Know what to expect
Andrews knows that drivers aren’t machines, so their performance can fluctuate – but he follows up every exception by going out with the individual.
     “I take a laptop, let them drive as they want for a while and then show them the data in real-time. In nine out of 10 cases they will have corrected the problems by the end of the day.”
     The company’s fuel-economy savings from this mix of training, telematics and continual monitoring haven’t stopped with the better vehicle utilisation they initially sought. Elliott reels off a list of benefits including: a 30% reduction in accidents (which has now translated into a zero collision target); 0.45kg less CO2 per mile travelled; a 20% cut in insurance premiums; and improved customer satisfaction scores.
     “Our annual customer satisfaction surveys were running at 89.5%; they now show 94.9% overall with the professionalism of
our drivers moving from 92% to 97%,” he stresses, adding that the safety improvements saw the company win Brake’s 2010 Eco-fleet of the Year Award last month.
     The company doesn’t only train in SAFED; everyone in the company does customer service courses as well. “It’s essential that everyone in the firm handles customers in exactly the same way, with professionalism and courtesy,” says Elliott. “And of course safety is the other aspect of our programme. We wanted to be able to verify road traffic incidents should they occur and know exactly what had happened, so we can vindicate the driver or take preventive action,” he says. “We are seeing less downtime and fewer repairs as well.”
     ETS is now trialling forward-looking Roadhawk cameras, which can be turned on manually or are activated by erratic movement. They already help to solve problems with delivery areas and
making drivers more hazard-aware.

Using telematics pays
Despite early industry hesitation that telematics would not present a realistic return on investment, ETS has seen a payback within six months. “It’s a significant cap-ex outlay and we had thought that we might break-even in the first year, but it’s been far faster than we anticipated,” says Elliott.
     ETS is so confident about its success that it has become registered as a Driver CPC centre, resulting in Andrews taking on the training of 200 drivers from outside the firm. “We believe we have demonstrated the benefits of this and we are willing to show other companies how,” says Andrews.
     Elliott agrees there is still a lot for fellow operators to learn: “We can even offer them the combination of telematics and our trainer. It is of benefit to other operators and to our customers.”
ETS DISTRIBUTION SERVICES | Handling, Warehouse Space, Order Processing and Distribution
 MD Phil Elliott says telematics doesn’t just improve efficiency – customer service has benefitted too
ETS Distribution is no stranger to innovation. Its four-acre site in the East Midlands has 12,000ft2 of purpose-built office space including training rooms, to complement its 70,000ft2 of warehousing.
     The loading bays all have cross-docking ports so that freight can be unloaded safely inside, with only the curtainsiders being loaded in the yard.
     The company specialises in bringing in containers of freight and offering a full logistics service around product fulfilment. It has also put a
manager into a customer’s factory to implement a stock-control system. This move has cut client costs by 20%.
     Much of the work is palletised and a proportion of that goes through network TPN.
     ETS offers ETS Online, a national pay-as-you-go booking service from anywhere in the UK to anywhere in the European continent, which brings a lot of work into the company and the network.

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ETS DISTRIBUTION SERVICES | Handling, Warehouse Space, Order Processing and Distribution
ETS DISTRIBUTION SERVICES | Handling, Warehouse Space, Order Processing and Distribution


In opting for a fleet management system, ETS Distribution was primarily seeking a vehicle tracking solution in order to be able to maximise the utilisation of its fleet and thereby ensure maximum efficiency in operation. In addition to this, the ability to provide up-to-the-minute information on loads and delivery times was seen as a substantial benefit from the point-of-view of the company’s customers.


It rapidly became clear that MiX Telematics’ Fleet Manager solution not only met but exceeded the expectations of ETS Distribution:

“The Fleet Manager system was capable of offering more than others we looked at, as in addition to tracking it would enable us to measure and report on aspects of driving behaviour,” confirms ETS Distribution’s Operations Director, Paul Wreaves. “We appreciated this could lead to significant benefits in terms of fuel-efficiency.

“We decided to test the system in conjunction with a planned programme of driver-training, targeted at reducing over-speeding, over-revving, harsh acceleration, harsh braking and excessive idling. Fleet Manager automatically generates driver scores, with 100 percent being a perfect result, and our driver trainer would focus on working with the lowest scoring drivers to help uplift their overall performance and standard of driving.

“We began by piloting the system on six vehicles. The benefits immediately became apparent and convinced us to roll-out Fleet Manager across our entire fleet of 24 trucks.”

Information on driver performance generated by FM Web was used by ETS to more accurately target their driver training used by the company.

ETS DISTRIBUTION SERVICES | Handling, Warehouse Space, Order Processing and Distribution

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Press Release 7 April 2008 – ETS Online

e–Service for Pallets

A new Internet collection and delivery booking service is now being provided by ETS Online for organisations dispatching single and multiple pallet loads. The service was initially launched in 2006 as “pay as you go” and was aimed primarily at the eBay community. It has proved so successful that it has attracted many repeat users together with trade account businesses, serving their overnight delivery requirements for pallet dispatches through the UK and Ireland.

Those customers moving larger items on pallets certainly rigorously tested the system. Online surveys helped to gather customer feedback and ETS says that the comments gathered proved invaluable in the development of the easy to use system.

ETS DISTRIBUTION SERVICES | Handling, Warehouse Space, Order Processing and Distribution

The Managing Director, Philip Elliott says, “The system is extremely straightforward. Based upon a sound and dependable electronic interface, it removes the risk of ambiguity and results in a higher level of productivity for all concerned.”

ETS is a family business, established in 1972, which operates its own extensive fleet of yellow and blue vehicles. With the support of a Pallet Network, collections can be arranged on the same day throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. There seems to be no limitation to this service and the plan now is to grow the B to B sector.

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