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Proper packing, sealing and labeling help ensure that your shipments will arrive on time and in good condition.

Package your items securely using protective wrapping to ensure no damage during transit. Make sure any parts of the items that are fragile are well padded and are located toward the centre of any box or pallet if possible. We have listed a number of helpful tips below

Before shipping ensure to have the correct packaging materials:

  • A pallet of sound construction
  • Packaging tape
  • Boxes
  • Packaging paper
  • Bubble wrap

Where to find packing materials:

  • Search on eBay
  • Check at your local stores and ask for empty boxes, etc
  • Check with a local business for a used pallet
  • Keep the packaging when you receive packages - and re-use it.

Before you pack the items:

  • Weigh and record the items, so that you we have the exact weight of the items plus 20kgs for the pallet

Once the items are packed on the pallet, label it:

  • On two sheets of A4 sized white paper
  • In LARGE BLOCK CAPITALS clearly write with a thick black felt pen TO: the name of the addressee and their full postal address, including postal code and telephone number
  • In Smaller capital letters FROM: your name and address
  • Place one label on the side of the pallet and one on the top of the pallet under the clear plastic wrap or in a see through pallet wallet taped to the pallet
  • Ideally a packaging list should also accompany the items stating the individual items and quantity, total weight senders name and address and delivery name and address

Before shipping ensure to agree and advise the delivery address contact:

  • The specific delivery booking time and date when they should be present at the delivery address to receive the items you are sending

As the sender it is important to consider that, you are responsible to pack the items safely and securely onto a pallet and to ensure it is fit for transit. ETS Online merely offer a road side “gate” to “gate” transport solution and as such do not provide a packaging service, nor will they be responsible for unpacking at the delivery point. If no forklift is available at collection or delivery point, ETS Online are only responsible to move a pallet from or to a one metre distance of their vehicle, providing the surrounding surface is of a sound and level tarmac or concrete construction at either address.